Drapery is the perfect way to dress your event, enhancing even the most of plain of venues and creating beautiful event spaces. Our white pleated drapes can be used to cover walls or partiton rooms and will totally transform any venue they're used in.

Our white drapes will be professionally installed for you and steam cleaned to remove any creases from storage or transport. This ensures they will look fantastic when your guests enter the room!

We favour drapes made from lightweight fabric, which will still allow natural light into the room from windows, though we can still provide a full blackout, if you prefer.

The drapes are insalled using our pipe & base rigging. This is the industry standard system for hanging fabrics in rooms with no fixing points, meaning the drapes will hang level and can be used in any venue.

This system also allows us to partition rooms and totally change the layout of your venue. For example, at a Wedding or Gala Dinner you may wish to divide a room into a drinks reception area and a main seating area.

We can also supply small sections of drapes to sit above doorways, meaning entry and exit points can be presevered without spoiling the look. Also avaliable are swags for the tops of the drapes, in various colours as well as Mood Lighting to enchance your event that little bit more.

We regret that we are unable to offer drapes or rigging suitable for hanging from ceilings.

To give an estimate for draping your venue, we require the length, width and height of the room as a minimum. If you have a full floorplan, then we'll be able to give a more accurate quote, however we would prefer to visit your venue to measure up. Please note that if you're looking to drape a venue that is more than 30 miles from us (WR11) we will need to take a payment to cover our travel costs before we carry out a site survey.

As a guide to pricing, the hire of the white pleated wall drapes & self supporting rigging will cost between 12-18+VAT per metre depending on the complexity of the room. Setup charges will vary depending on travel distance and the number of staff needed.

We also stock blackout drapes - for more information please visit our Blackout Drape Hire page.

For advice and a no obligation quotation, simply get in touch by calling 01386 898 113, or contact us online.

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