Blackout Drapes

Blackout Drape hire is often used to create a cosy atmosphere in a venue, or prevent outside light from entering the room. Blackout cloths can also be supplied as a backdrop for a stage, or used along with a projector screen hire, bringing focus to the screen.

We provide out blackout drapes on pipe & base systems, meaning they can be rigged and floor level and extended to a height of 4m. Pipe & Base allows us to install drapes quickly and without any ugly tripod stands taking up valuable floor space.

Our blackout drapes are supplied in standard widths of 6m with a maximum height of 4m - by working from a floor plan we can provide an estimated cost before conducting a site visit to put together a final quote. For a swift and accurate quote, please make sure you have measurements of your venue avaliable before contacting us.

For advice and a no obligation quotation, simply get in touch by calling 01386 898 113, or contact us online.

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    Blackout cloth on Pipe and Base hire
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